To some extent, it also groped in the dark. The mark has not been crossed out at the time of writing this piece . This almost certainly means that people are still ‘appealing’. But I fear the worst for Dealerdirect, because it is now too late to do a perfect market research that gives a higher score. After all, a few years later you can no longer ask what the interviewees in 2017 would have thought of with the slogan ‘Ik wilvanmijnautoaf’.

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2020: slogan wordmark becomes slogan logo. Does that help? New! I suspect that Dealerdirect itself also fears the worst. In April 2020 she packaged her slogan in a logo and registered it as a logo . I want to get rid of my car slogan logo. Source: trademark Latvia WhatsApp Number List register But that won’t help Dealerdirect. Judges have said so many times that you can’t protect the words of something.

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That can’t be a word mark through the back door of adding a picture. The judiciary has probably even made a text block of that ground for rejection. Compensation for trademark infringement slogan? What should you as a marketer or your customer do with this information? Moral of the story: Don’t jump into attitude (and stress) when the “owner” of a descriptive slogan yells “trademark infringement” and “damage.

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