Martech tool integration is more important than ever I asked Elias whether trends have gained so much momentum in the past six months that you need to work on them in the near future. Elias: “The most important development that I currently India Phone Number List identify in the market is the importance of simple and fast integration options for the various marketing technology tools.

Every Day into data pollution

Think of marketing automation, lead generation, CDP (Customer Data Platform), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and, for example, advertising tools. Also read 7 things marketers never want to hear again. The average marketer now uses approximately 30 tools. If they do not work well together, it is not only annoying, but you also run into data pollution with all the (GDPR) consequences that entail.

India Phone Number List
India Phone Number List

Where in the past the main focus was on the functionality of a tool. Now, much more attention paid to the integration options. And it is important to mention that not every integration is equal! “In addition, marketers do not want to be dependent on developers. Because they are often busy and this is at the expense of time-to-market.

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