According to a study by Redshift Research. Millennials are focused on being entrepreneurs. Millennials are an entrepreneurial generation, who believe that determination and hard work are the keys to success. The vast majority, far from being obsessed. According to a study by Redshift Research. Decided to focus on this aspect and came together. To present an award with the aim of recognizing and encouraging young entrepreneurs from the countries that make up the Pacific Alliance (Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru). .

They Seek to Recognize Young Entrepreneurs, Who Promote

Economically viable innovation, who have sustainable practices, who seek to Buy Kazakhstan Whatsapp Numbers increase competitiveness and provide employment opportunities in these countries. “We are waiting for those Mexican talents. Who want to win several awards. Of 16 thousand dollars from Nestlé. With the sole objective that they can continue promoting

The Development of Their Business; and a Pro Bono Consulting

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Fund with EY experts,” explained Mariana Guerrero, manager of corporate affairs at Nestlé Mexico. The reality of the banker. In addition to a genuine idea. To participate, you must complete a form. Santiago de Chile. Participants must be under 30 years of age as of March 31, 2018.

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