According to that Cones, the SISBEN should Marshall Islands Email List be used in general for all social spending programs that involve subsidizing demand. In 2006, Cones 100 established guidelines for targeting public social spending. With this methodology, the government created, since 2011, the Marshall Islands Email List Administrative Department for Social Prosperity (DPS), as the entity that heads the Social Inclusion and Reconciliation Sector to be in charge of the social targeting processes. In effect, with Decree 4155 of 2011, regulating Law 1448 of the same year, the Presidential Agency for Social Action and International Cooperation was transformed into an Administrative Marshall Islands Email List Department, with the task of setting policies.

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General plans, programs and Marshall Islands Email List projects for the assistance, care and reparation of victims of violence, social inclusion, care for vulnerable groups and social and economic reintegration. This entity is the one that leads the Sector of Social Inclusion and Reconciliation of the State, including entities such as the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare ICBF, the National Agency for the Overcoming of Extreme Poverty-Anspe, the Victims Unit and the Marshall Islands Email List Historical Memory Center . The DPS also has the obligation to comply with Judgments 04 and 05 of the Constitutional Court to compensate the rights of the indigenous and Afro-descendant population Marshall Islands Email List displaced by violence in compliance with the provisions of Law 387 of 1997 on forced displacement.


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At present, the DPS executes several Marshall Islands Email List strategies, among which the following stand out: i) UNITED; ii) Families in Action, Young People in Action, Older Adults, Solidarity Income, with conditional cash transfers; iii) Productive Inclusion with Families in their Land FEST; ReSa, Feeding Hands; My business; iv) Social infrastructure and Habitat projects; v) IRACA, program for indigenous and Afro Marshall Islands Email List communities; and vi) VAT refund. Despite the fact that said entity has large budget items, the results of each of its programs are quite limited in terms of overcoming social exclusion. A detailed analysis of the Rendering of accounts and of the thousands of contracts signed with Marshall Islands Email List private Operators does not allow us to be optimistic with concrete advances in solving the problems of poverty,

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