Through digital marketing and e-commerce. Solutions in which all its points of contact. Favor customer experiences Bayern. Munich dedicates its efforts to expand. Its number of followers worldwide.
The head of the Bundesliga, and one of the most important references on the planet when it comes to football, Bayern Munich has implemented a digital and technological strategy that has led to successes, both on and off the pitch. As such, 30 to 40 percent of its sponsorship revenue comes from digital sources, and about half of its merchandise revenue is generated through its online store. This adds up to the team’s brand valuation of just over €2.4bn, making it the fourth most valuable club.

Below Manchester (€3.1bn), Real Madrid (€3bn) and Barcelona

(2.8 billion), according to figures from KPMG. “Digitization is the best opportunity for a club with regional roots like Bayern to catch up with the rest of the world,” Stefan Mennerich, director of media and communication for the Buy Luxembourg Whatsapp Numbers team, said in a letter. “This technological vision allows us to offer the best experience for the user and achieve a global brand presence,” explained the manager. With more than 600 million fans, the club’s efforts to connect with more potential new customers, Bayern reinforces its digital strategies through marketing solutions as well as e-commerce.

This Implies That All the Contact Points of the Club With Its

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A single platform which facilitates. The experience for the more than. 6.5 million unique visitors to the club’s portal. As well as the more than 40 million followers on Facebook. In this way, the team also sets. The standard by enlisting as one. Of the clubs that best takes advantage. Of technology in a 360-degree plan. To face better against its rivals. And thus create an increasingly. Closer bond with fans.

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