Then make sure you create a form with two steps in which you first ask for the email address and in the second step for the other data. If the customer does not complete the process, at least you still have the email address. Tip : when you work with a pop-up form, let it appear after 8 seconds. This appears to work best. Distinguishing based on data It is of course nice to know.

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How your website performs and how long people stay on your website. But that’s general information. Same as recruiting email addresses so you can email your customers. Then 3/4th of the companies France WhatsApp Number List is concerned with optimization of the company based on data. You will default if you don’t. So you better think about how you can distinguish yourself thanks to data. How do you get on the books with your customer in a positive way?

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Think, for example, of a thoughtful email when your customer has been a customer of yours for a year or when it’s the customer’s birthday. To be able to do this you need data and that brings you back to questions 2 and 3. Do you already have that data or how are you going to obtain it? How can you do more with the standard data that you request from the customer, for example to deliver a package?

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