Could we win the Eurovision Song Contest with a pinch of marketing psychology? I would give it a good chance, because past research shows that we are heavily guide by our unconscious brain in these kinds of situations… In 2012, an interesting study was conducted into the connection between our subconscious and the Eurovision Song Contest. Are we making a rational choice if we pick a favorite and vote? Or is our choice really just determine by our subconscious brain?

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The more often we see or hear an artist, the more positive New on Frankwatching To do content marketing well, you need to create less content 11:00 Voice in the Netherlands: 37% use speech assistant [new research] 08:00 May I disturb you for a second? Interruption vs Permission India WhatsApp Number List Marketing wed 5x why you lose followers on Instagram & this is how you win them back wed Marketing the Rainbow: 5 Videos That Went Viral di The English psychologist Diarmuid Verrier investigated whether there was a connection between our subconscious and the Eurovision Song Contest.

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More specifically, he wanted to know if the Mere Exposure Effect applied to the song fest. The Mere Exposure Effect ensures in our subconscious that we develop a preference for what we know. We prefer things, people and songs that we have seen or heard before. Unknown makes unloved. What the farmer does not kno.  Well, you know where I’m going. The more people see you, the more often they will choose you. That’s why you start to like a song after a few listens.

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