Discussions continue as to whether Nigeria Phone Number List the “black legend” on the cruelties of the Spaniards is deserved and if the Mexicas correctly understood the intentions of Hernan Cortés , since the writings of the chroniclers are not necessarily trustworthy. Columbus , Cortés, Nigeria Phone Number List Bernal Díaz , all were able to try to give a much more admirable image of their companies than they really were. We know that De las Casasdescribed many events that he himself did not witness. As for the indigenous voices, one can Nigeria Phone Number List wonder to what extent they were free to express themselves without risking the Inquisition?

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What we know for sure Two things Nigeria Phone Number List will not be contested, however. First, the conquest of the Caribbean islands, Mexico and South America was extraordinarily cruel, as was the colonization that followed. The native peoples of North and South America were not peaceful, nature-loving peoples either, with recourse to war being an inherent reality of life. Not to mention that the majority of survivors of Nigeria Phone Number List the conquest had to contend with imported and unknown diseases that claimed millions of lives. Second, a huge amount of gold and silver was shipped to Europe. Spain used this wealth to wage war and beautify its churches.


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It was not a modernization factor; on Nigeria Phone Number List the contrary, it strengthened the feudal structures of the country. In France, England and the Netherlands, great fortunes were formed, in particular thanks to the slave trade, money which also made it possible to finance the nascent industrial revolution. Later, with the start of the colonization of Africa, Leopold II of Belgium, my country, was able to beautify his capital, Nigeria Phone Number List Brussels. Creating debts that were assumed by the government. The “discovery” of a new world caused a real shock in Europe. The world suddenly appears very different. At the beginning of the Renaissance, an “other” being arose to which it was necessary to give a place in the representation of the world.

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