These data confirm that in Czechia B2B List Honduras a woman or girl is sexually assaulted every 3 hours. In the last ten years, 4,707 women have been murdered in Honduras. 710 were killed in the last two years (2019-2020) and 301 women were victims of femicide up until November 15 of this year. Impunity is practically Czechia B2B List absolute. According to the Observatory of Violent Deaths of the Cattrachas Lesbian Network, in just over 12 years 390 LGBTI people have been murdered, 17 so far this year. Ninety-one percent of the cases remain in complete Czechia B2B List oblivion and impunity. Only 9 percent of perpetrators are convicted.

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In recent months, a large and Czechia B2B List representative group of women’s and feminist organizations held a discussion with Xiomara Castro to present their demands and proposals. The activity led to the signing of a ‘State Pact’, the content of which will be implemented if Xiomara is elected as the first woman president of Honduras. Similarly, in her government plan, Xiomara pledged to implement public policies safeguarding the existence and guaranteed Czechia B2B List access to fundamental human rights for LGBTI people (p.64). Voting against the dictatorship The Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organizations of Honduras (Coping) added its voice “in moments of the battle for Czechia B2B List survival in the face of the maximum expression of dispossession,


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Fear and violence in the history of our Czechia B2B List country under a de facto and authoritarian government.” Although the ballot box will not change Honduras – explains the Coping communiqué – voting against the dictatorship that governs us will be a step. The Honduran people, for the most Czechia B2B List part, will cast a vote of rejection in the face of all the accumulated suffering. The organization co-founded by Berta Caceres alerted the population that “the conditions for fraud are in place” and expressed that as citizens “we are preparing to reject the electoral fraud at grass roots”. Finally, Coping Czechia B2B List urged the immediate convocation of a Popular and Democratic .

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