“They have been practically legalizing Colombia Email Address repression against those who demonstrate their discontent and defend human rights. These are the results,” she added. In 2017, repression against those protesting the electoral fraud orchestrated by the ruling National Party claimed the lives of 37 innocent Colombia Email Address victims (Confide 2018). Of all these cases only one was successfully prosecuted and the charges against the police officer accused of shooting and killing were dismissed. “The chain of command was never investigated, nor the context in which these deaths were caused. The dictatorship gave the military police guarantees of impunity to Colombia Email Address capture, torture and execute opponents in the streets.

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This only generates the conditions Colombia Email Address for similar and even more violent events to be repeated”, predicted the human rights defender. In this sense, Confide will be monitoring and denouncing any electoral crimes committed before and during Election Day, as well as violations against people exercising their right to vote. Three for the presidency Of the 16 presidential aspirants, only three have Colombia Email Address a real chance of winning: Xiomara Castro of the opposition Libre Party, who leads most polls; Nary “Tito” Ashura Bablah of the National Party, main opponent of the former first lady and Yanni Rosenthal of the Liberal Party, representing the other traditional party in Honduras Colombia Email Address but with little chance of victory.


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For Xiomara Castro, this is her second Colombia Email Address attempt to reach the presidency of the country, after the allegations of fraud around the questionable defeat she suffered in 2013 at the hands of Juan Orlando Hernandez. After the public presentation of her “Government Plan to Refund Honduras 2022-2026”, Castro and Salvador Nasrallah (of the Salvador Party of Honduras) formed an alliance, joined by Colombia Email Address the Innovation and Unity Party (Pino), some sectors of the Liberal Party and an independent candidacy. In order to join efforts and potential votes, Nasrallah renounced his presidential candidacy and supported Libre’s candidacy. Nasrallah, an eccentric, well known sports talk Colombia Email Address show host, was the 2017 presidential candidate of the Opposition .

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