Decent wages, prohibition of child labor, limitation Malta Phone Number List working hours, weekends and annual holidays, health care, pensions, unemployment benefits … Many workers have given their lives for these fundamental gains. The fact that the first solidarity funds were replaced by Malta Phone Number List a system in which employers also contribute and the government plays a regulatory role is due to the well understood interest of employers who need a healthy workforce. and stable. For governments, other elements also played a role, such as the need for healthy soldiers and, later, the Malta Phone Number List fear of socialism and communism.

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Today, social security is in many cases managed Malta Phone Number List jointly by workers, employers and government, which means that workers have a voice in all debates on economic and social rights. Dismantling and neoliberal reconstruction The shift from charity to solidarity, from helping the poor to social protection, also has everything to do with the shift from mechanical solidarity to organic solidarity , as Durkheim Malta Phone Number List called it . Solidarity goes beyond one’s family and one’s own community. Today, we stand in solidarity with people we don’t know. For labor law, the collective bargaining system is also a second important crack in capitalism because it seriously limits the commodification of labor. Today, all of this is in peril.


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Over the past thirty years, social policies have Malta Phone Number List fallen victim to the dominant neoliberalism. Rights have been eroded, the emphasis has again been put on poverty and some basic needs. However, this debate is entirely in the hands of economists and right-wing forces. It is they Malta Phone Number List who are proposing a “new social contract” in the service of the market and which completely ignores the achievements of the workers’ movement. The structural horizontal solidarity that had emerged from social states is over. Joint management has Malta Phone Number List gone through profit and loss, and even employers’ contributions are called into question. In this context.

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