The tour includes false accusations Singapore Email List of  crimes, new penal types tailored to the activist, secret courts, secret processes and supervening indictments to ensure the construction of an inescapable normative against anyone who dares to confront the reasons of the empire. The Assange case is an extreme example of lawfare strategies that combine the complicity of the justice systems of Singapore Email List several countries, including here, in addition to the main hunters, also Sweden, the European Union in general – by not recognizing and enforcing guarantees in a particular stage of the process – and finally Lenin Moreno’s Ecuador, especially after the 2019 geopolitical turn that resulted in the Singapore Email List journalist being handed over to the collusion of jurisdictions.

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The extradition decision still allows Singapore Email List appeal to the British Constitutional Court and, as unlikely as it may seem, it is possible that a collegiate defending fundamental rights prevents the handing over of Julian Assange to the real criminals who seek to impose their justice on Singapore Email List the world in a unilateral, coercive way. and illegal. Not since the Industrial Revolution has the world experienced such rapid and profound changes as those ushered in by globalization. But now it appears that the system is at the brink of another round of restructuring and transformation based Singapore Email List on a much more advanced digitalization of the entire global economy and society.


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This restructuring had already become Singapore Email List evident in the wake of the 2008 Great Recession. But the changing social and economic conditions brought about by the coronavirus pandemic are accelerating the process. Computer and information technology (CIT) first Singapore Email List introduced in the 1980s provided the original basis for globalization. It allowed the transnational capitalist class, or TCC, to co-ordinate and synchronize global production and therefore to put into place a globally integrated production and financial system into which every Singapore Email List country has become incorporated.


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