But what they fear most is that this Argentina Email Database political fact will trigger a process of change that empowers broad social sectors that are impoverished, marginalized and excluded from what they call “democracy” and “development”, which could put at risk the privileges that they have treasured. throughout the centuries in which their domination was imposed by blood and fire. To prevent that fact they try to inoculate their fear among the people. They use what Argentina Email Database happened in Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela showing only one side of the coin; deny the role of the US empire in the authoritarian drift that arose in those countries (blockade), and at the same time, hide or misrepresent what has happened in Latin American countries where progressivism and the left have made Argentina Email Database important advances for their peoples and nations .

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But as up to now this strategy has Argentina Email Database not fully worked for them, given that Petrol has advanced in the task of dismantling that image built by his enemies without renouncing his main proposals for structural change , we can observe how the oligarchy and its courtier messengers play various games. gangs, although they know that in the end they will have to unite to defend the “democratic Argentina Email Database institutionalist” that is supposedly threatened. And on the side of the Historical Pact and Petrol, they also know that with the usual forces of the left and progressives they cannot seriously dispute the Presidency. For this reason they have designed an intelligent strategy that, apparently, not all its Argentina Email Database members understand, which consists of promoting a new type of coalition that was not in anyone’s plans:


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the “reconciliation between historical Argentina Email Database opposites” that Petrol defines as the essence of the Covenant. These two strategies, the oligarchic and the democratic, I briefly analyze below. The traditional formula of the oligarchy When we speak of oligarchy, we refer to the large economic groups that have “Colombian” origin but that currently play in the great leagues of globalized financial Argentina Email Database capitalism. Today they share the territory, the wealth, the market and the labor force of our country with the enormous capitalist conglomerates of diverse origins and origins (American, Canadian, Mexican, European, Chinese, etc.). As Jorge Senior affirms, it has been the conservative and clerical landlord oligarchy that has always dominated economically, politically and culturally, and even “recycled” in the 1980s Argentina Email Database with drug money to become capitalist.

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