Tencent, Alibaba, Facebook and Google, and Solomon Islands Email List to which are now added Zoom and other companies boosted by the pandemic, have experienced astonishing growth over the past decade. Apple and Microsoft registered an astounding market capitalization of $1.4 trillion Solomon Islands Email List each in 2020, followed by Amazon with $1.04 trillion, Alphabet (Google’s parent company) with $1.03 trillion, Samsung with $983 billion, Facebook with $604 billion, and Alibaba and Tencent with some $500 billion each. To give an idea of just how rapidly these tech behemoths have grown, Google’s market capitalization went from under $200 billion in 2008 to over one $1 trillion Solomon Islands Email List in 2020, or a 500 percent increase.

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As capitalists invest these Solomon Islands Email List billions, the global banking and investment houses become interwoven with tech capital, as do businesses across the globe that are moving to cloud computing and AI. By the second decade of the century, the global economy came to be Solomon Islands Email List characterized above all by the twin processes of digitalization and financialization. The third leg in this triangulated bloc of capital is the military-industrial-security complex. As the tech industry emerged in the 1990s, it was conjoined at birth to the military-industrial-security complex Solomon Islands Email List and the global police state.


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Over the years, for instance, Google Solomon Islands Email List has supplied mapping technology used by the US Army in Iraq, hosted data for the Central Intelligence Agency, indexed the National Security Agency’s vast intelligence databases, built military robots, co-launched a spy satellite with the Pentagon, and leased its cloud computing platform to help police departments predict crime. Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft and the other tech giants Solomon Islands Email List are thoroughly intertwined with the military-industrial and security complex. The rise of the digital economy blurs the boundaries between military and civilian sectors of the economy, and brings together Solomon Islands Email List finance, military-industrial, and tech companies around a combined process of financial speculation and militarized accumulation.

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