That remains to be seen. 3. Would you like to make my presentation? Marketing is a broad field, I can’t deny that. If you do a little Bulgaria Phone Number List Googling on ‘definition marketing’ or ‘what is marketing’, you will get a lot of different answers. But no, you can’t throw every task that you don’t know who belongs to the marketing department.

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We are not responsible for printing paper and you can easily make your presentation yourself. ‘I don’t know, so it must be part of marketing’ is just wrong 99% of the time. As a marketer, it is therefore important that you are visible in the organization and that you share what you are working on. It is of course not wrong to help a colleague and yes, once you have made your presentation, it is best for marketing to check whether it complies with all brand guidelines.

Bulgaria Phone Number List
Bulgaria Phone Number List

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Also read: ‘Number is singular!’ and 5 more know-it-all language rules you can forget 4. Will you send an e-mail to the list of purchased addresses that I will send you in an hour? Where do I begin? Purchased addresses? Apparently, many marketers are still asked whether they can send an e-mail to purchased addresses. I say it now for the last time.


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