The presence in the AV list of some “green” who France Phone Number List could not get out of that party, that of “We are Lists” (feminist), the lists of indigenous and Afro constituencies, and even , candidates that are part of lists of traditional parties. In Cauca, for example, there are France Phone Number List candidates for the House and Senate that the rank and file forced them in the past and will force them in the future, to support Petro in the presidential elections. This situation forces the members of the Historical Pact to be very intelligent in these campaigns for the Senate France Phone Number List and the Chamber. The main thing is that Petro reaches the Presidency (given the presidential character of this precarious Colombian state).

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And if that objective is achieved and the France Phone Number List representation achieved in Congress is not a majority, it will have to govern based on the Constitution and many laws in force. In this way, he will be able to govern for some time and, above all, DEFEND him against the inevitable attacks and coup attempts that they already plan and will try to carry out. And, foreseeing what is coming, Petro and the France Phone Number List Historical Pact, will have to consolidate and rely on the people, in our town, to be able to advance and guarantee a true change. The social outbreak demonstrated the potential of a society that only organized and mobilized will be a guarantee to govern “from below” relying on those who are part of France Phone Number List the government (“from above”).


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On the occasion of the visit to Costa France Phone Number List Rica by Francisco Cali Tzay, UN Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples, several organizations held a forum where they pointed out the serious situation that indigenous peoples are experiencing in this Central American country. In a statement, representatives of ancestral peoples denounced that last year at least 14 leaders received France Phone Number List death threats. They also recalled that absolute impunity still persists in the murders of Sergio Rojas and Jerhy Rivera. The two indigenous activists were killed in March 2019 and February 2020, amid the upsurge in violence against the Nasö-Brörán (Térraba) and Bribri (Salitre) peoples, determined to France Phone Number List recover their ancestral territories.

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