Threatening another failure for globalist forces to impose South Africa Phone Number List their Economic Reset. The struggle revolves especially around bodily autonomy and individual sovereignty in the face of massive, coercive and authoritarian assault and the right to individual sovereignty South Africa Phone Number List over one’s own life. We have to understand that after the defeat at COP26-Scotland, the globalist actors are in a “desperate” situation to impose their Economic Reset [3] in any “way”. The transnationals of global communication and the “globalist governments” have produced an incredible amount of noise about the new variant of COVID, the “Omicron”. As with hysteria-19 episodes in South Africa Phone Number List the past, it was fueled by globalist forces.

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The new variant of “hysteria” originated at South Africa Phone Number List Imperial College in the United Kingdom. Imperial College has been the source of countless versions of the propaganda of a “new strain” of Covid-19 in order to spread the “fear” of virtual communication terrorism [4] worldwide . There is no statistical cause for alarm about this new strain since it is one of the thousands and thousands of South Africa Phone Number List mutations in the coronavirus. But, based on the alarm, we do observe in the last days of November and the first days of December 2021 a reinforced agreement between the global techno-corporate state and the government of the United States on the “mandates” South Africa Phone Number List of vaccines.


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It is simply the desperate demonstration of the South Africa Phone Number List fascist-globalist forces to “overthrow” the constitutional republic and nullify individual rights. The task, however, is not easy and could be the cause not only of street rebellions in relation to or the product of clashes between the oligarchic fractions of capital that make up the Globalist-NATO financial fraction, New York-San Francisco, and the South Africa Phone Number List fraction Continentalista-SouthCom Finance, Texas-Florida. A survey conducted in the US by the Society for Human Resource Management estimated that 28 % of employed Americans are unwilling to receive a COVID vaccine , even if it means losing their jobs. Although OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) requires employers with more than 100 workers to South Africa Phone Number List vaccinate their employees.

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