You therefore have ample time to further. Develop a product or service before it is launch (in practice this is especially interesting for the pharmaceutical industry). Require after 5 years of use But once the first 5 years of registration have passe, things are different. From that moment on, the trademark must have been use normally in the previous 5 years in order to be still valid.

Protect Carries In This Case

Has the brand not been use at all in those 5 years? In that case, the trademark registration can, at the request of an interest party, be declare null and void due to non-use. Keep proof of normal use As a trademark owner, it is therefore wise to keep a good record of the use Russia WhatsApp Number List of a trademark. Save (and date or catalog year) commercials, presentations, and catalogs. And refer, where possible, to the brand and type of products in invoices and order lists.

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Use the Carries In This Case

In this way, as a trademark owner, you will be well prepare, because once involve in a procedure, you as the trademark owner must provide proof. You will not get there with only a product photo with the brand on it and a single invoice, as recently experience, for example, the owner of the old motorcycle brand EYSINK (pdf) . Result: the trademark registration was declare null and void. Eysink motorcycle (source: Wikipedia ) Just keeping a website up and running is also not enough.

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