As of May 25, the Regulation Law for the Protection. Of General Data (GDPR) by. The European Union came into force. Which obliges all websites and mobile applications that store personal data to update their policies Of privacy. Surely one or more of the applications you use or websites you frequent have sent you an email informing you of the changes in their policies, and also surely you did not bother to open it to find out what it is. Announced in 2010 that it had in its possession 7,500 souls from its clients, who gave them voluntarily and in perpetuity by accepting the terms and conditions of use of their videos. Of course, it was all about an April Fool’s Day joke that showed that no one reads the clauses before clicking accept.


Also Mention That Another Purpose Is to Reduce the Amount

Of data they accumulate the companies. What is sought is to have the maximum clarity of the Buy Lithuania Whatsapp Numbers information that we are giving to the companies and doing it under an explicit consent; In addition, and extremely importantly, they will have to tell us what they will be using our personal data for, so they are also obliged to give us access to them and allow us to delete them whenever we want. The platform warns that we may not have access to all the functions of the largest social network in the world. Although according to the creators of the GDPR, this law has a scope beyond the territory of Europe.

The Sovereignty of Each Country Obliges Each Territory to

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Interpret and enforce these rules at its convenience. Thus, the implementation of this initiative. Gave rise to experts and academics. From different countries discussing. What the limits of cyber sovereignty are. And to realize how important it is to protect. The information that we give away. To companies and the way in which. They can be exploited for profit. All under our consent that we grant by clicking. On “I accept the terms and conditions”. Without reading a single line.

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