With a photo or video on your homepage you show what your company stands for. If you sell a product, post an image of your product. Do you have a restaurant, place pictures of beautifully laid out plates with food. 2. Make it personal Write a nice ‘ About Us’ page . This way you can easily make the website more personal and you can tell a little more about your company. 3. Readable Text Improve the accessibility El Salvador Phone Number  of your website with legible text. Make sure your lines of text are not too long, the ideal is 8 to 12 words per line. Lots of images Use as much imagery as possible on your website. This way, visitors to your website can get a good El Salvador Phone Number  impression without having to read a lot of text. People are simply visual.

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Responsive As Google points out: mobile first . Always design your website with mobile view as the main device.  . Corporate identity An appropriate house style El Salvador Phone Number is key. Make sure that it conveys the atmosphere of your company well. For example, a restaurant specializing in spareribs should not use neon colors and heavy round fonts. 7. Logo A good logo is not too detailed. Keep El Salvador Phone Number  in mind that the logo must still be easily recognizable in different applications. Examples for your own website Below I share the design of 6 websites of SME companies.

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The unique aspects, use of house style and El Salvador Phone Number  general pros and cons of the websites are discussed. 1. mr. stacks The first website is from a restaurant in Amsterdam. Here, guests enjoy the most photogenic vegan comfort food together, with a bubble tea. As a specialty, Mr. Stacks the vegan pancakes according to chef Milo’s recipe. Website Mr Stacks What stands out about the website, what makes it unique.

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