Iris works for an international NGO. They take themselves pretty seriously. By using a black background you emphasize the photo itself. The more extreme the light in a photo. The more emphasis you place on the photo itself. Black and white photography. This Iris works as a designer at an advertising agency that mainly creates campaigns for the performing arts. By using black and white photograph.

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And Iris herself doesn’t necessarily have to be in the spotlight. Exposure that does not show too much. approachable on photo 3. Using Iran Phone Number photos with a light background makes Iris appear approachable. The difference between the left and right photo is the difference in use of the flash units.  Photo with something from private life 4. This Iris works at a trading company as Head of Administration. She often plays guitar, ukulele and piano.

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By photographing staff with something extra from their private life. You allow the viewer to form a better picture of the person in the photo. Iris works as a freelancer in the creative sector. By including a part of the (office) environment in the photo. Showing what it’s like to work somewhere can contribute to good employer branding.

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