They motivate, encourage, provide immediate feedback and encourage continuous improvement. In addition, they can introduce a social component, because learning together stimulates. And last, but certainly not least: a game-based tool Philippines Phone Number List can add meaning by linking organizational goals to personal goals see also tip 2 later in this article.

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Embrace gamification as a total motivation strategy Goal 3. Stimulate innovation In modern companies, innovation no longer just comes from. The innovation department, but ideas are picked up throughout the company. Gamification can drive that innovation, provide the structure within which ideas come together, and provide the tools for focus, selection, and further development.

Philippines Phone Number List
Philippines Phone Number List

 Is Crucial One company

That has embraced gamification as a total strategy is IBM. In the video below you can see how they use it worldwide for both training and innovation (from 1:29) in their applications CityOne and Innov8. Tip 2. Map out what intrinsically motivates (your) people. A game design in which the player is manipulate to achieve organizational goals will undoubtedly fail.

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