This is your punishment for the Tokelau Email List crime of authentic, accurate, courageous and vital journalism. In these circumstances, court ruling is an inappropriate term. On December 10, it took the wiggled courtiers of the British ancien regime just nine minutes to grant an American appeal against the acceptance – in January, by Tokelau Email List a District Court judge – of a cataract of evidence that Assange was waiting for. hell on earth on the other side of the Atlantic: a hell in which, it was precisely predicted, he would find a way to kill himself. Multiple Tokelau Email List testimonies from prestigious people were ignored.

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Who examined and studied Julian, diagnosing his Tokelau Email List autism and Asperger syndrome and revealing that he had already been on the verge of committing suicide in the prison of Belmar’s, the very British hell. The recent confession of a crucial FBI informant and prosecutorial puppet, a Tokelau Email List fraudster and serial liar, that he had fabricated his evidence against Julian was ignored. The revelation that the (Spanish-run) security firm of the Ecuadorian embassy in London (where Julian had been granted political refuge) was a front for the CIA spying on Julian’s lawyers, doctors and Tokelau Email List confidants (including myself), it was also ignored.


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Even the recent journalistic revelation, graphically repeated by the defense attorney Tokelau Email List before the High Court in October, that the CIA had planned to assassinate Julian in London was ignored. Each one of these “matters”, as lawyers like to say, was enough on its own for a judge upholding Tokelau Email List the law to dismiss the shameful case mounted against Assange by a corrupt US Department of Justice and his hired gunmen. in Great Britain. Julian’s state of mind, bellowed James Lewis, the lawyer, America’s man at the Old Bailey last year, was Tokelau Email List nothing more than ” malingering, ” an archaic Victorian term used to deny the very existence of mental illness).

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