After Release The iPhone 8 and 8 Plus. Apple’s Expected Full and Sales Weren’t High. So The Company Cut Production Orders.To Manufacturers Sending Its Stock. Down 2.23 percent. . And that 8 and 8 Plus Models Accounted for 16 Percent of Sales In The Third Quarter, When with the iPhone 7 It Was 43 Percenta, An Almost Abysmal Sales Difference. HOWEVER, EXPECTIONS FOCUSED ON THE COMPANY ESTIATED TO PRODUCE 20 MILLION UNITS, ONLY HALF OF WHAT IT HAD PLANNED, THE PRE-SALES THAT BEGAN OCTOBER 27 EXHAUSTED THE AVAILABILITY OF THE SMARTPHONE IN A MATTER OF MINUTS . .


According to Cnet, the Initial Supply of Iphone Xs in the

States Sold Out in Just 10 Minutes in The Preview Sale, Even Though The Dominican Republic Whatsapp Numbers Smartphone Will Start Appearing In Stores from November 3, Pre-Sales Promise Delivery Times Of Up to 5 Weeks, Considering That Apple Will Manufacture 10 Million iPhones X Per Monh. Although Apple Hasn’t Revealed How Big The Initial Supply IS, Analysts Believe It Only Has 3 Million Units, While The iPhone 6 Sold 10 Million in Its First Weekend. For His Part, Apple Ceo Tim Cook Said Earlier This Week That.

The Company Is Working Hard to Meet Deadlines. In a Few

Words, Apple “Is Playing It” With the iPhone X. Since If The Company Manages to Eliminate. Doubts About Its Success. The Firm Would Increase ITS Income. Since Among The Most Optimistic. EXpectations Is That The Company Sells Close. To 240 Million iPhones in 2018.

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