With his extensive explanation of the platform economy, Arets highlights both the positive and the more negative sides of platforms. Dark side If you knock it flat, platforms are two marketplaces. On the one hand the suppliers and on the other hand the buyers. The platform facilitates the transaction as a market master. Together they maintain supply, demand and equilibrium. Platforms reduce costs and offer many benefits to both.

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In the book Arets raises a number of issues. Learning at the expense of the users Platforms can experiment at. The expense of and at the expense of the user. They often have so many participants – after all, they. Live on an economy of scale – that they can afford to experiment. They can also use the data, experience and familiarity Belgium WhatsApp Number List of suppliers and buyers to capitalize on this themselves. Such as Deliveroo, which collects data and customers via affiliate restaurants, and then launches a delivery.

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patterns to produce films and series that exactly match the wishes of the users. Platforms are market master and provider One topic that seems to be getting more and more attention in the media is the growing dominance of mega platforms, the Apples and Googles of this world. With their billion-dollar customer base and an alarming amount of (personal) data, these companies can exert an enormous amount of influence.

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