International a photograph of a young couple a father and a mother. Kissing their little one accompanies a poster that invites irish. Citizens to vote against gay marriage in the next referendum in. This country through the message children they deserve a mother and a father. Vote no however, the couple in the scene is “Dismayed” that their image has been used. In this campaign since they are in favor of people of the same sex being able to unite. The couple participated in a family photo session for which they. Authorized the photographer to upload their images to an online album. Available for purchase through an anonymous statement. Were residents of ireland as they are british citizens.

As Part of a Campaign With Which We Do Not Agree They Said

Through the association Amnesty International. “This family believes that everyone has the right to marry the person they love regardless of their gender,” he said. The story of the couple rose to fame after the Sri Lanka B2b List Australian comedian Adam Hills published on his social networks his dissatisfaction with the misuse of photography. “Regardless of how you feel about voting – what a horrible, ridiculous.

Strange World We Live in, in Which the Unity of an Open-minded.

Sri Lanka B2b List

And loving family can be used to advertise the complete opposite of what they believe,” she shared. The referendum on same-sex marriage will take place in Ireland on May 22. Based on opinion polls, 76% of Irish voters would say yes. However, the issue is a constant debate in this traditionally Catholic country, which only decriminalized homosexuality in 1993.

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