By the way, my primary goal is not to get more subscribers, because I don’t “monetize” the channel. About that viewing pleasure: I never turn off the commentary under a clip, which is increasingly being done by the advertiser himself. And I sometimes knew that with the viral, high-profile videos, where there was plenty of hatred and commentary , especially from a religious angle ( both Christian, Muslim and Jewish ). So it wasn’t much fun there .

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Although it seems like a lot of these trolls like to hate, so then the circle is round again. Here are the top 5. Of course I should start with 5th place, but then it goes out a bit like a candle. This is because I have already written a combined article about numbers 1 and 2, so only a short comment about Iceland Phone Number that. So from the top: 1. Doritos, The Best Gift (Mexico, 2020) 242,074 views, 93.7% likes, 502 comments. This touching Spanish-language story, which came out around Christmas, attracted such an audience because I offered it with English subtitles. As a result, it was also linked to Buzzfeed, for example. It went viral in Mexico with 13 million views in one week.

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It was in stark contrast to this English video that came out around the same time. I compare the two in the article “ Hatred or emotion ?”. 2. Cadbury, It’s the Creme Egg Golden Goobilee (UK, 2021) 230,084 views, but a much lower like ratio of 42.8% and with no less than 2,500 comments, five times as ‘reactionary’. Here I really had to report and remove hundreds of people for hate. And that for ‘not even a kiss’. 3. Snickers – El Chiringuito (“The Little Bar”, Spain, 2021) 189,911 views, 721 comments, 87.6% likes.

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