A critical look 2. Being able to think abstractly 3. Passion over intelligence 4. An inexhaustible curiosity 1. A critical look A digital marketer looks at a huge amount of data every day. A good marketer discovers connections and Armenia Phone Number List insights in that mountain. A great marketer goes the extra mile. He or she questions the data. This person is armed against biases and assumptions.

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Once you start to rely on the data, there is a chance that you will be lost if the data is different from what you expected. The best marketers realize that. Your approach may work 90% of the time, but it’s about the ability to adapt during the 10% of the time it doesn’t work. That’s what a top-shelf marketer does better than an average marketer.

Armenia Phone Number List
Armenia Phone Number List

The 21st century with which you score at work A critical thinker is aware of what he or she does not know. Some job applicants claim they know online marketing like the inside of their pocket. They are more focused on ‘leaving an impression’ than on being honest. You simply can’t afford to go into meetings and claim you know everything.

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