The waiting-for-action list is a list of all outstanding points for which you are still waiting for a response. The advantage of these lists is that they UK Phone Number List form an external memory. That’s more searchable and more reliable than your internal memory, which often forgets things. 3. Decide together what is urgent Any request can be urgent.

Values ​​That feels seen

Agree on an SLA – service level agreement – ​​with colleagues in which you specify, for example, how quickly e-mails from customers or colleagues should be answered. This way you avoid mutual frustration and disappointments. By providing prompt feedback (‘I want to take a good look at this, I’ll get back to you on Friday at the latest’) you ensure that someone feels seen and/or heard.

UK Phone Number List
UK Phone Number List

Regularly check all gathering places Every day we receive new information, but that doesn’t just happen in the inbox of our (business) email address. However, we must process all information we receive. That is why it is necessary to regularly check all meeting places – which may also include WhatsApp, Slack, and LinkedIn – for new input. Process that information immediately, so that you don’t carry it around longer than necessary.

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