The Biggest Bet of Many Companies. Today Is Content, Statista Reports. That In 2016 About 42 Percent of B2c Marketers. Mentioned That The Plan To Increase. The Budget for Content Marketing. The creation of unique pieces of advertising. And content has managed to boost. Hundreds of brands around the world but these. Materials have never been without errors. Or misinterpretations. And we recently saw it with a Dove campaign, where the reception of the message was not be the Most ApproPriate, Giving Way to the Generation of A Reputation Crisis That Severely Affected the Brand At That Time, To The Extent That Even The Model Involved In The Campaign Had to Issue States about it. Only for the online Presents An Opportunity for More Direct Communication with People and This Is An ADVANTAGE FOR BRANDS, FOR THAT IS WHY YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO ACT Or What Measures to Take to Deal With these Situations and Regain Control.


This Is Ideal Because on Many Occasions Rumors Are

Or The Thread Is Lost About. The Problem That Occurred. Being “Under the Microscope” As a Result of a Crisis Should Not Imply a Drastic Change in The Brands Voice or Identity of the Brands, The Must Remain Firm to Denmark Whatsapp Numbers What They Republic. In addition to this, Authenticity Must Also Be Handled in the Messages Sent to the Audience to Avoid Giving Generic Responses. For the first Any Doubt or Comment Times to Consider, The Response and Content Times to Consider, The Problem, But to New Content That Generates Immediate Engagement.

When It Comes to Issuing Information in Response to the Crisis

The different channels through which. Since each platform has different formats. In turn, it is advisable not to limit yourself. To a simple press release or posting ON NETWORKS. This Last Aspect IS Related. The Previous One, in Addition to Adaptation. Any Piece of Content Created. Counteratte The Effects of a Crisis Must Be. Understandable and Easy to Share. In This Way The Reach of the Messages Sent.

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