Amazon and Facebook) are increasingly accuse of (among other things) unfair competition. Such as by prioritizing their own products and services within their platforms. A well-known example is the fight between Spotify and Apple. Spotify believes that the music streaming app is being held back in the Apple App Store, so that Apple’s own music streaming service, Apple Music, can be found and download earlier. The platforms sideline others Platforms outside The Big 5 are also under attack.

The Day to Their Professional

Because the conditions are often unilaterally adjust (such as increasing the commission), it drives some hotel providers into a corner. Where does that end? The bigger and more powerful a platform gets, the more they sideline other players. Because, as a small-scale hotelier, will Belize WhatsApp Number List you still be found if you are not on Booking? Where it once start as outsourcing sales and marketing to a platform, small players are almost force to join the powerhouses with deep pockets.

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Platforms Day to Their Professional

power between platforms therefore seems to be increasingly under discussion. Platforms and the government The book pays a lot of attention to platforms in relation to the government. How governments themselves could function as a platform, but also the struggle that governments have with platforms that come to disrupt things . There is also a sneaky edge to this: platforms used to be able to do their thing for a long time and took advantage of the fact that appropriate legislation did not yet exist for the service they offered.

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