These are 3 basic rules or insights that can help you: 1. Don’t see content marketing as a trick or a remedy It is a view that everyone in the organization must be convinced of, whereby the boundaries between B2B, B2C and B2E are blurred. Everything someone says, on all levels, starts from that same thought. 2. Success strongly depends on CEO buy in The success of the Belgian bank Belfius is driven by CEO Marc Raisière, who himself says: “The CEO is the most important marketer of the company.” In addition, as content marketing professionals, we must continue to explain the hows and whys of content marketing, every step of the way and every proposal. 3. Focusing on content marketing means a different approach.

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Do you have a person in the organization who can oversee everything and exert influence at all levels? A look at the future Koen: “Ideally, there should be a new staff position, someone who focuses on coordinating content marketing.Someone who ensures that your story comes out clearly at all levels, from the campaigns to the saleswoman in the store. That person must transcend the marketing department Estonia Phone Number work closely with the CEO. When social media emerged, we were not sure how to deal with it from an organizational point of view. Enter the Conversation Manager. This is a new momentum, time for another big step.” Is your organization ready for this? And how would you handle that?

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Let us know in the comments. Cor & Koen lead content marketing back to the sourc and then further into the future. How, they are happy to tell you during their trend session. In 90 minutes they teach you how to make content marketing a solid part of your business. They also go deeper into how you can prepare for a future that goes further than just the ‘latest, hip platforms’. Curious? Watch the recording right away! Since we work more combined from home and office, the use of online internal communities has only increased.

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