After Netflix issued a receipt for the followers of Stranger Things, the MLB did exactly the same with theirs. One day after the second season of Stranger Things was released, Netflix did not want its followers to waste time watching it and therefore offered a justification for them to miss work or school. It received mostly positive interaction on social media. This could be a reason behind the release of a very similar but applied justification with MLB fans. The Major Leagues offered through their official Twitter account a justification for the fans to miss work or any activity this Monday.

since they considered that they would be very tired by

The meeting between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers. Mi trabajo soñado: El artista de las pompas de jabón. The postseason is crazy, that’s all you need to know. Things are out of it and we need a rest day. Although the Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists game lasted five hours and 17 minutes, to be defined in the tenth inning, the strategy has good intentions, but it comes just after Netflix’s, so it can be interpreted as an involuntary imitation.


Noting its little attention to what happens in social networks.

In another case it could be about. What was implemented by Netflix. But what is relevant is that what happens. With other social media brands cannot be neglected. Whose number of users could reach 2.51 billion. Worldwide by 2017, based on eMarketer estimates .

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