Which has an investment of one thousand 859 million pesos. According to merca2.0. Mexico.- digital marketing is the strategic issue. Of companies today, which has an investment of 1,859 million pesos. According to the research department of merca2.0. Related notes. Social media is about communication the presence of brands in social media. The hashtag in times of social media this growing trend is gaining more and more power. So competitiveness is a matter of strategy for which there are a large number. Of tools that can help agencies to have better control and monitoring of accounts. These instruments facilitate the management of social networks and allow a practical way. To detect trends monitor in real time and meet the needs of the audience.

We Propose 5 Tools That Digital Marketing Experts Use.

1. Hoot suite: this application is essential for any community manager, since it allows you to manage multiple accounts from different networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, among others; It also serves to Algeria B2b List schedule publications. 2. Google Analytics: as its name suggests, it analyzes the traffic of a web page in detail, obtaining information on the origin of the visits, the time they remain on the site, the device through which they connect, etc. 3. Sprout Social: provides a large number of statistics that simplify.

The Management and Monitoring of Social Networks, It Also Has

Algeria B2b List

A CRM. 4. Klout: it is completely free, and it is used to measure the level of influence of a brand, person or company in the different networks; rates the user’s reputation on a scale from 0 to 100. With this tool you can know if the brand is positioning itself properly. 5. SocialBro: analyzes the activity of a Twitter account, reveals the number of followers, the reach, the profile of the followers; even who has stopped following you, which facilitates the management of the community.

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