The axis and the future to analyze the Bahrain Phone Number List Chilean and regional conjuncture is in the organization and the popular struggle. ” The message brought controversy and is that each one reads according to their own opinions or, if you like, has an opinion on the basis of “prejudices”, anticipating, as such, or reformist or revolutionary prophecy. At the center of my Bahrain Phone Number List opinion is the process of “organization and struggle”, in this case, of the Chilean people, but it can be extended to the world level within the framework of the conditions of the class struggle in the conjuncture. If you want, the recent experience in Argentina, of the people of Chubut, which forced the “repeal” of Bahrain Phone Number List the mining law less than a week after it was approved by the local Legislature.

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Just like what happened in Mendoza, in Bahrain Phone Number List Bahrain Phone Number List December 2019, on the use of water for mega open-pit mining. The people mobilized around collectively constructed demands can modify reality, even when no progress is made in strategic Bahrain Phone Number List transformations. It is not less to say that it is not No. This path can lead to strategic directions, which are not the product of a single event and less of individual speculations, isolated from collective action. Reality is as it is, not as we would like, that is why it is essential to strengthen the struggles to transform reality. It is about thinking that strategic projects arise from accumulations of popular struggles, of subjects that Bahrain Phone Number List are built in the struggle.


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The Manifesto began by alluding to the “ghost of Bahrain Phone Number List communism”, which was none other than the proletariat in struggle, constituting itself as the historical subject of the transformations against and beyond capitalism. What juncture? The conjuncture to Bahrain Phone Number List which I refer is long, by the way, it dates back to 1973, as the symbolic date of the beginning of the counteroffensive of “capital against work, nature and society”, to restore the dynamics of exploitation and looting that sustains order. capitalist in crisis. Without much intellectual clarification, this time is called that of the “neoliberal” hegemony of the capitalist order, which is nothing more than the recreation of the most Bahrain Phone Number List radicalized “liberalization” promoted by the most concentrated transnational capitals.

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