Orient production more towards domestic Macedonia Phone Number List consumption in a world where globalism has plunged it into a pandemic crisis and direct this consumption to “reduce” inequalities more and more,[8] . At the international level, China seeks to make economic, political Macedonia Phone Number List and social exchanges, but not war. That would be the Pax sinica -China- under Xi, quite the opposite, to the American Pax , which always relied on the Pentagon’s variant of gunboat diplomacy since 1898 or with NATO later, since 1950. Everything shows that Beijing He is not interested in becoming a new hegemon or dominant boss, nor does this have support in his Macedonia Phone Number List millennial historical trajectory.

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Anyway, in times of Pluriversal, Universal, Global Macedonia Phone Number List scale of power, it would be a strategic error to conceive of China outside or above a Universalist conception of the Peoples. It would be falling into a mistake, which is not the case, that would weaken it and face, for example: Russia-India. In a concise way, we are talking about “socialism with Chinese characteristics”, a unique and ever-changing economic system. The millennial history of China has shown that it is capable of reducing the degree of exploitation and that it Macedonia Phone Number List can approach the Common Good not only within China but potentially being part and making part of the whole world, in order to be the Middle Kingdom. As it was already through the Ancient or Historic Silk Road.


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In addition, it is important to consider that today Macedonia Phone Number List there are already objective and subjective conditions for Humanity as a whole to walk the path towards a new civilization focused on work for the benefit of the World-Community, which manages to reduce the private appropriation of socially produced wealth as a surplus, for a global oligarchic-financial elite at the expense of the Macedonia Phone Number List exploitation of the majority of Peoples and Nations. More and more Nations and Peoples in Asia, Africa, Latin America-and-Caribbean and even in Europe, join and align with the Project of a Multipolar World, the New Silk Road, the new Project-World, showing how it goes gaining ground a possible project towards a Greater Common Good.

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