Boric will be sworn in on Iceland Phone Number List March 11, 2022. The outgoing Piñera ends his term with the stigma of corruption – despite the fact that the right-wing majority in the Senate prevented his political trial, approved by the Chamber of Deputies – for the scandalous sale of the Dominga mine in the Iceland Phone Number List Virgin Islands, a tax haven, one of those used to hide bad money or evade taxes. Argentina and Nicaragua Regarding the recent elections in Nicaragua on November 7, the object of attacks and Iceland Phone Number List criticism, Argentina, Mexico, Bolivia, Cuba, Venezuela, among other countries, have refrained from condemning it.

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This process has been considered Iceland Phone Number List controversial and the OAS seeks, with brazen interference, to apply the Democratic Clause to Nicaragua, in response to which the Central American nation withdrew from the organization. In Argentina, the Justicialista Party lost its hegemony in the Province of Buenos Aires in the parliamentary elections and reduced its representation to a third of the electorate (a little more than 33%). The defeat of Iceland Phone Number List president Fernández from the setback of the PASO (Primary, Open, Simultaneous and Mandatory) of September 12, led to a change of cabinet and a modification of his electoral strategy. Fernández achieved a slight Iceland Phone Number List improvement in the ruling party in the province of Buenos.


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Aires, the most important electoral district, thereby Iceland Phone Number List qualifying the defeat of the PASO, and winning the Chamber of Deputies and reducing the gap with the macrismo in the Senate, a chamber that has always it was favorable. The result included a certain better Iceland Phone Number List performance in the urban periphery, but this did not manage to reverse the whole of the provincial dynamics. There was also evidence of extreme growth and a greater political crisis. A novelty was the United Left Front and its conquest of national councils. Ecuador, Venezuela and Honduras In the region, in this period we show that authoritarianism has used electoral mechanisms to take over the government, restoring Iceland Phone Number List neoliberal hegemony in the particular cases of Ecuador ,

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