Aside from its own roots, the “War on Terror” has Russia Phone Number List managed to hide the real problems of the present. The countries continue their absurd increase in military spending, increasing the poverty and violence of the nations. The pandemic has exposed them in all their uselessness, but, on the other hand, it has contained massive social protests in “civilized” countries, a growing danger that had Russia Phone Number List previously led to the militarization of the police. (With the foreseeable exception of the assault on the United States Congress on January 6, 2021, where police confronted the mob of Confederate flags with sticks and words of consolation.) Do you really want to serve your country? Well, stop patriotic masturbation and Russia Phone Number List start telling the truth, especially that truth that the people do not want to hear.

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That requires more courage than pressing buttons Russia Phone Number List and suppressing dozens of innocents from a distance, as if it were a video game. That is not heroism. It is a major crime. But more reprehensible than those soldiers indoctrinated by a trillion-dollar machine is the silence of the citizens, distracted in passionate debates about fireworks. In closing, Biden added: “The fundamental obligation of a Russia Phone Number List president is to defend and protect the United States, not against the threats of 2001, but against the threats of 2021 … Thank you, God protect our troops.” Mr. President, the solution is quite simple and does not require more expenses but less: stop considering that God has a passport and a flag Russia Phone Number List hanging at the entrance of your house.


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Stop viewing pre-emptive invasions as acts Russia Phone Number List of defense and start complying with international law. You will save not only your country and the lives of your soldiers, but millions of other human lives. The only solution for developing countries is to recover technology as a truly integral part of their culture. Converting it from an exogenous conditioning element, into a legitimate way of expressing its Russia Phone Number List own values ​​and aspirations (…) The main problem is to recover the capacity for social decision on the use and purposes of technology ” Amílcar Herrera Digitization is rapidly transforming the economy and society. The new time characterized by the transformation of the models of social interaction, consumption Russia Phone Number List and production, demands new strategies and knowledge.

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