Do the analysis at a website that you visit a lot yourself, manage, or the organization you work for. I’m curious what you come across. Risks of Non-Compliance with GDPR Failure to comply with the GDPR legislation can have serious Turkey Phone Number List consequences. You regularly read articles in the newspaper that the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP) ‘tricks’ organizations.

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If this does not have the desired effect, the AP can hand out fines. These can rise considerably: up to 4% of the turnover with a maximum of 20,000,000 euros. Add to this the fact that in addition to the fine, there is also reputational damage. However, you can say that the AP does not often hand out fines.

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Besides the fact that an organization can hand out fines, compliance with the GDPR is something that customers and relations expect. Compare it with a CSR policy. For (particularly) larger companies, the GDPR is important and there will be requirements around the GDPR before collaboration can be discussed.

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