We know that the trend points towards mobility but we do not know. Exactly the type of mobile device on which to focus a marketing strategy. International we know that the current trend points towards mobility. But we do not know exactly the type of mobile device on which to focus. A marketing strategy related notes: 3 common mistakes that brands. Make when implementing a video marketing strategy emojis increasingly. Present in mass communication 3 reasons to return to your mobile. Friendly site it turns out that during the day internet users connect through. Different devices mainly smartphones and tablets; however knowing. The time at which they use each one is of vital importance for the. Implementation of a comprehensive digital marketing strategy.

The Following Video Explains the Increase in the Mobile Trend

In Mexico in recent years. Likewise, a study carried out by the consulting firm Forrester indicates that 72 percent of world users use their smartphones on the go, that is, during their journeys and when waiting. This device is mainly used in the morning and afternoon, on the way to France B2b List work and on the way back. The study also indicates that 88 percent of tablet owners use them, preferably when sitting, most of them in the dining room or living room of their home.

While Eating or Watching Tv. And When It Comes to Laptops,

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These are practically desktops, since they only carry them with them when they know there will be a long waiting time. Its greatest use is during the working day. Just as it is advisable to know the hours of use of each mobile device, it is also important to know the use that is given to each one, because in this way the strategy will point to the correct direction and the message will be sent to the target audience.

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