Method that can help you on a personal level. This starts with the so -called ‘one-minute-principle of self-improvement,’ where you set a fixed moment every day where you work for 1 minute, focused on a small task. The advantage is that after 1 minute you can already cross off a to do from your list, which then gives you energy to tick off the rest.

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Then try to increase the tension every week: from 1 to 5 minutes and from 5 minutes to 15 minutes. The method itself is so extremely simple that you really can’t think of any excuses not to try it. The time you Japan WhatsApp Number List get at Kaizen is precious and you have to spend it wisely. My advice is not to link it directly to a work-related task, but to something separate from it.

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The Ray Bradbury method of making word lists would fit in perfectly with this, but you can of course also choose to plank for a minute (trust me, with planks that minute suddenly seems to last half an hour, so I would start writing) . And if you do go for that walk, do it with the eyes of a child If there is one thing that is inspiring, it is to see the world the way children do.

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