almost 10% have been afraid Algeria Email Lists of her and 3.64% have suffered some aggression from her. The most common violent behaviors involved receiving some kind of insult and blaming the assailant for the violent behavior. 5 Of the people who receive income, in 18.4% of the cases this has decreased since the state of alarm began Algeria Email Lists and almost half have not always been able to take sick leave when they needed it. 10.2% have had to go to work despite having symptoms compatible with covid-19. The average economic cost per adult person in terms of using public or private health services and individual spending, without taking into account the costs of Algeria Email Lists medicines and vaccines, was 106.10 euros per month.

mental health of the Spanish adult population

Long-term unemployment is a probable Algeria Email Lists cause of mental disorders. This article looks at how the collapse of the construction sector left many of its workers out of the job market for long periods of time. At the same time, according to an analysis of the National Health Algeria Email Lists Surveys, these people experienced a great deterioration in their mental health. The burden of these mental disorders is so great that it could even have slowed down the recovery of the Spanish economy as a whole. Key points one Between 2006 and 2011, every time the unemployment rate in Algeria Email Lists construction increased by 10 percentage points,


Impact of covid-19 on the physical

the mental disorders reported by workers Algeria Email Lists expelled from the sector increased by around 3 percentage points. two In the crisis in Spain, not only unemployment increased, but also its duration. In 2006, 2% of the workforce had been unemployed for more than 2 years. By 2011, this group had almost quadrupled to close to 8%. 3 In the construction sector, the incidence of long-term unemployment Algeria Email Lists multiplied by 18: from 0.1% of the workforce in 2006 to around 1.8% in 2011. 4 The bursting of the housing bubble offers a unique opportunity to identify the effects of unemployment on mental health. If a large part of the population experiences this situation, an additional burden is Algeria Email Lists generated for an economy to take off.

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