To your target group. 4. Logical and fair design People should not be misled by the design. This means, for example, that your ordering process is logical. It is clear which buttons do what. Also, choose clear fonts and appropriate font size and colors China Phone Number List that contrasts sufficiently. 5. Provide timely information You are obliged to share all information before an agreement is concluded.

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Keep important information together on one page. And you should certainly not hide essential information in your general terms and conditions. 7. Favorable Default Settings Are there any settings that can be changed? Then either leave the choice to the customer or set the default settings as favorable as possible for your customer.

China Phone Number List
China Phone Number List

If someone is in financial trouble, someone will say ‘yes’ (too) quickly to a service that can earn money quickly. Sometimes you have to protect people from themselves. If you are honest about what you offer, what you stand for, and what customers can expect from you, there is less chance that you will enter into a partnership with a customer or party that does not suit you.

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