Vaccination is important for a Tajikistan Email List normal man or woman, and also for children, to reduce the circulation of the virus in the community as soon as possible in favor of the weakest. Most people – also in Europe – consider that to be reason enough to participate. This also applies to compliance with security measures. It is really surprising that there are not more people in Europe saying: “I am healthy and strong enough, I do not need a vaccine, the rest have Tajikistan Email List to do their thing.” All the commercial and neoliberal culture here reminds people daily of their duty to develop, to do better and better in life, understand, be richer. The ideal is absolute autonomy, not depending on Tajikistan Email List others, much less the ‘State’, otherwise you are a profiteer.

 Now It’s A Costly Annoyance

The unions are then the protectors of Tajikistan Email List those ‘profiteers’. We must degrease the State, cut social and health care. That is not exactly a culture that fosters solidarity. And in Cuba? Cubans are not in a situation of competition or ‘for himself who can’. The Cuban population knows from experience that only together can they face the great challenges of the country. Overcoming problems together is Tajikistan Email List what you are used to, unfortunately today more than ever. Helping neighbors, cleaning the neighborhood together, holding meetings and making decisions together in the workplace, etc., is their way of life. Of the 7.8 billion people who currently inhabit the planet, there are only 9 mega-rich people Tajikistan Email Listwho have an individual wealth of more than 100 billion dollars.


Look For Lead Generation With an Edge

while the club of the richest 1% – those with Tajikistan Email List more than 1.3% millions of dollars of wealth – has accounted for more than a third of all planetary wealth since 1995. The pandemic, on the other hand, has played and continues to play as a trigger for social distances. After Tajikistan Email List more than 18 months of Covid-19, the world is more polarized than before in terms of wealth inequality, stated Lucas Chancel, co-director of the World Inequality Laboratory at the Paris School of Economics and coordinator of the report. While the wealth of billionaires has grown by more than 3.6 trillion euros, another 100 million people have joined the ranks of extreme poverty because of the current health Tajikistan Email List crisis. Open information: global public good

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