18 days after the start of the World Cup, the video game company EA Sports presented the results of a simulation of the tournament and France appeared as the winner of the World Cup. The technology also predicts that. Mexico will stay in the group stage.
The EA Sports company is one of the leaders in the video game segment and is behind titles like FIFA 18 and Madden NFL. Every year before every big. Sporting event, he runs simulations to try. To predict who will win the tournaments. This Monday, EA Sports presented. The data that gave its prediction for. The 2018 World Cup in Russia. Which will be played from June 14. EA used the latest FIFA rankings. And also released a platform for. The public to make.

Their Own Predictions. According to Ea Sports, in Group F,

Germany will qualify first and second place. will go to Sweden, who will eliminate the Mexican National Team on goal difference. Technology predicts that in the Thailand Whatsapp Number Marketing Lists round of 16, France will defeat Argentina and Uruguay will defeat Portugal, leaving Cristiano Ronaldo without winning the World Cup.

Ea Sports Indicates That the Final Will Be Played Between

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France and Germany, who in the simulation reached the penalty round and the victory is for the French National Team. All this is part of a marketing strategy. By EA Sports who this week will release. The 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia update. Free of charge for users. Who have the FIFA 18 game.

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