The debate 4 million people followed the contest through. Facebook live with which about 6.2 million.  Presidential debate in mexico competed in audience with. The closing tournament of national soccer or the sudden. Activation of the seismic alert the political. Event managed to position itself as the center of. According to data provided by tweetreach. The hashtag #debateine registered 5 million 040 thousand. 316 accounts reached and 5 million 789 thousand. 769 impressions in this way twitter became a great. From facebook the confrontation between the. Conversation it is enough to recognize that according to. Figures provided by the social network itself. Million people followed the contest through facebook live. With which nearly 6.2 million people joined the. Debate conversation with these figures the event.

To the Electoral Process- in Terms of Participation and

The Topics That Generated The Most. Interactions Were Along The Same Lines It Is Important.  To Greece B2b List Recognize How The Four Candidates Were Part Of. Or Background Of The Interactions Is Unknown. At The Head With A Volume Of 8.2 Million Interactions. Generated By 2.5 Million People In Second Place Was. Ricardo Anaya Candidate. For The Por Mexico Al Frente.

Coalition With 2 Million People Who Generated 5.2 Million

Greece B2b List

Interactions followed by josé antonio meade. From the todos por méxico alliance who added 2 million. Interactions thanks to 900 thousand people and. El bronco with 600 thousand interactions and 300 thousand people. Knowing the issues that gave life to these millions of. Interactions allows us to recognize those. Issues that concern and occupy voters information that. Can be of great value for strategic campaign teams.

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