Is a government policy that is well seen by citizens. However, it seems that one country has literally crossed the Qatar Phone Number. Line between what to do and what not to do. We are talking about ecuador, a country that has allocated a significant. Investment to tourism and trying to increase visitors from other countries. But in marketing not everything always goes well. In their most recent campaign. To stimulate internal tourism among ecuadorians. They decided to disguise themselves as another nation. Between the ministry of tourism of ecuador and the airline. Tame they created the campaign “Viaje a ciegas”. In which they invite 40 young. People to a supposed trip to Qatar Phone Number costa rica. As can be seen in the video they released. Unbelieving travelers are really taken. To the tena area in the ecuadorian amazon.

But Not Everything Ends There, They Proceeded to Deceive the

Delighted tourists by disguising the airport as one of the Qatar Phone Number central. American nation, with banners, gift shops, immigration process. In other words, And passport stamping included. They changed road signage, created car license plates and. Even blocked cell phone transmissions to Qatar Phone Number List give the feeling. Of being in a foreign country. Applause and testimonials about how much fun they had in their country.

My Dream Job: the Soap Bubble Artist. But This Did Not

Qatar Phone Number List

Please the costa rican government, after the claim. Through its foreign ministry, ecuador proceeded to Qatar Phone Number withdraw. Advertising from official channels and had to issue public apologies. The Qatar Phone Number costa rican newspaper la nación uploaded the video. To its youtube channel before it was deleted and here you. Can see it in full: let us remember that ecuador spent almost 4 million. In other words, Dollars in an advertisement for this. Similarly, Year’s super bowl with the slogan “All you need is ecuador”.

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