which alternated in government Belize Email Lists from 1990 onwards. two coalitions, the result would be below both Kast and Boric. The urns reflected, to a large extent, the clamor of the streets. Crowds wanted to bury, for different reasons, the system forged in the post-Pinochet period. The country was divided between the poles that Belize Email Lists represented this disconstitution: the left and the far right. This is a phenomenon typical of high-intensity crises, which go beyond and dehydrate supposedly normal landmarks. In Brazil, this scenario was uncovered by a reactionary offensive, from the coup against Dilma Rousseff, Operation Lava Janto and the arrest of Lula. In Chile, the attack came Belize Email Lists from the left, with the great mobilizations of 2019 and 2020.

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Societies tend to move towards the Belize Email Lists ends, in situations of this nature. The center in such cases tends to be the swamp where the direct or indirect defenders of the system sink. This is what happened, in 2018, in Brazilian territory; this is what happens in Chile today. Those who do not see the difference between these scenarios and those of low intensity, when conflicts for conservation or change Belize Email Lists are contained within the system, are at serious risk of failure, generating a centripetal force that purges the edges and drives the class struggle to the center. This may be the key reading that explains Kast’s emergence and Boris’s relatively timid result, with an extremely dangerous Belize Email Lists prospect for the second round.


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The Pinochetista knew how to ride the reflux Belize Email Lists after the mass demonstrations and the constituent elections, when the initiative was with the left, and impose an anti-system narrative through the neo-fascist mouth, appealing strongly to the issue of security. It radically collided with the transition’s bipartisanship and its institutionalist. The FA-PC coalition, in turn, followed another path. First, by running for the Belize Email Lists moderate Gabriel Boric, with his manners and accents so similar to the center-left, dethroning the communist Daniel Jade, favorite in all the polls, who most clearly embodied an anti-system discourse on the left. Then, by running a low-confrontation campaign against the transitional Belize Email Lists legacy, perhaps with an eye to second-round alliances.

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