If, on the contrary, they are used to intervene Iran Phone Number List in the exchange market, that is, to sell them in those markets with the illusion that with such action they will control the depreciation of the bolivar, the end result will be that those few currencies escape. Second, that eventual economic growth in 2022 as a consequence of the increase in oil exports is not offset / canceled out by the depreciation of Iran Phone Number List the bolivar which, since at least 2013, has been induced by an attack against our currency as confessed by Republican Senator Richard Black in 2019 who said: “We have demonetized your currency and, through the international banking system, we made the Venezuelan currency worthless and then we go and say: ‘Look how bad this government is, its currency does not worthless’. Well, it wasn’t them, we Iran Phone Number List were the ones who made their currency useless ”.

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The attack on the bolivar is one of Iran Phone Number List the main causes, along with the fall in exports, of the collapse of national production since 2013, in fact, for every 100 bolivars of decrease in gross domestic product (GDP) 60 they are explained by the induced depreciation of the bolivar amounting to 5,466,052,934,406% since 2013. Let us remember the sequence of this attack: imperialism politically Iran Phone Number List manipulates the value of the bolivar through social networks; This exchange rate, although fictitious, serves as a reference for the prices of all merchandise (except the labor force) which have increased by 727,460,681,160% between January 2013 and Iran Phone Number List November 2021 which,


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together with the freezing of the Iran Phone Number List minimum wage that has only been adjusted 16,867,469,780% since 2013 has resulted in a 99% pulverization of real wages and a decrease in public spending from 33% of GDP in 2013 to 2% of GDP in 2021, causing a drop of 62% of national demand (between 2013 and 2018, we do not have data to date). When demand falls in an economy, the owners Iran Phone Number List of capital have no incentive to increase production, Why produce if there is no one to buy? This is how the attack on the bolivar has affected the drop in production. Most likely, almost certainly, is that imperialism will not lay down its main and most powerful weapon: the Iran Phone Number List attack on the bolivar.

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