The blockade suffocates and kills. It Kuwait Email List must end, ” said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla. Cuba, a small island nation of 11 million people, has never threatened the security of the United States or tried to invade its territory. In fact, the idea is absurd, as the Kuwait Email List US has the most powerful military in the world and would annihilate anyone who tried to attack it (as it did with Japan after 1941 and as it did with Al Qaeda after 2001). Given that Cuba is not a threat to the US, why has the US maintained this illegal blockade against Cuba? As a consequence of the miserable history of colonialism and slavery, the Cuban economy prior to the Revolution was suffocated by sugar Kuwait Email List production and tourism.

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It is not easy to build socialism in a Kuwait Email List poor country, with an economy configured as a playground for the imperialists. There are few precious metals and minerals in Cuba, which would otherwise attract the attention of capitalists in countries like the United States. So, given that Kuwait Email List Cuba does not have a significant supply of natural resources, why has the US maintained this illegal blockade against Cuba? The closest parallel to Cuba is another Caribbean island, Haiti, which also has a population of 11 million, few useful natural resources for capitalists, and also poses no Kuwait Email List threat to the security of the United States. However, since the Revolution of 1804,


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Haiti has been asphyxiated, its wealth Kuwait Email List has been drained, its people have been forced to pay at least $ 21 billion in “reparations” for the assets – including human beings – that they released in their homes. efforts to overthrow the slave plantation system. A regime of Kuwait Email List violence has been imposed in Haiti that continues to this day, a terrible system of dictatorship and political chaos, all for the benefit of the United States. What is the reason for this hostility towards Cuba and Haiti? To his audacity to defend his sovereignty and his promise to build a society that does Kuwait Email List not focus on the needs of the imperialist powers.

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